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Tue May 28 2024

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Liebherr presents new generation of articulated dump trucks

30 Oct 20 Liebherr has underlined its credentials as a ‘full line’ earthmoving equipment manufacturer with the unveiling of the first model in a new generation of articulated dump trucks.

The new TA 230 Litronic articulated dump truck
The new TA 230 Litronic articulated dump truck

The TA 230 Litronic was ‘virtually’ launched in an online presentation by Liebherr-Hydraulikbagger GmbH which describes the newcomer as a clever machine concept for challenging off-road applications.

Redeveloped from scratch and guided by extensive customer input, market analysis and a punishing testing programme, the result is a truck that will carry a 28-tonne payload efficiently and safely across the toughest terrain.

A new front-end design allows maximum ground clearance, with the powershift transmission located under the operator's cab and the exhaust gas after-treatment behind the cab to allow a large slope angle.

The new TA 230 Litronic is aimed primarily at applications such as overburden transport and mining operations but Liebherr also expects to win market share from large infrastructure projects. 

Off-road capability is improved thanks to a newly designed articulated swivel joint for maximum manoeuvrability. Front and rear axles are secured via sturdy A-rods at the articulated swivel joint and at the rear end. Again, the engineering emphasis was on maximum ground clearance. 

The TA 230 Litronic powerhouse is a 6-cylinder engine with 12l displacement and 265 kW / 360 hp to Stage V emissions standards. An automatic, 8-speed powershift transmission ensures force is distributed where it is needed. Automatic traction control is also available, meaning that as soon as slip occurs at an axle, the torque is transferred to the axle or axles with traction.

At the rear end, the front of the trough is straight and sills are low so that loading, with a wheel loader for example, is possible across the entire length. The weighing system shows current payload during the loading process on a display in the cab while an optional light on each side at the back of the cab displays the loading level outdoors. 

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Inner edges of the truck bed are tapered for faster release of material during unloading and there’s the option of heating via exhaust gas management for easier unloading of material at colder temperatures.

Load volume can be increased by adding an optional tailgate but even with that fitted, over-all width remains below 3m for easier transport by lowloader.  

With panoramic windows – there are no intrusive struts – and a short, inclined bonnet, the operator always has a commanding view of the driving, working and articulating area of the machine. A touch display with integrated rear camera increases visibility behind the driving seat. 

A new lighting arrangement with LED headlights further contributes to better visibility and safety, for operator and outdoor workers alike. Dipped-beam headlamps with integrated high beam illuminate the road and optional, extra-powerful LED headlights can illuminate the entire working envelope. Lighting at the rear of the truck bed and another package at the mudguards brighten up manoeuvring areas at night. There’s also an optional LED access light for extra safety when accessing the cab. 

Assistance systems include a hill start assist and a speed assist is also available. With the hard stop function, the end position damping of the lifting cylinders can be activated or deactivated at the touch of a button and where the truck is working in height-critical areas, lift is controlled via a height limiter. 

The new TA 230 Litronic adaptive steering system continuously matches steering movements to the current speed, allowing accurate manoeuvring at low speeds and accurate steering at higher speeds as well as fewer corrections when cornering or negotiating bends. 

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