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Mon July 15 2024

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Roger Bullivant bridges gap with 3500 series rigs

7 Dec 23 Piling specialist Roger Bullivant has developed new series of driven piling rigs.

Bullivant's 3500 series is based on the JCB 220X excavator
Bullivant's 3500 series is based on the JCB 220X excavator

The 3500 hammer rig series comprises the 3501, 3502, and 3503, bridging the gap between the company’s 3000 and 5500 series machines.

Built on the JCB 220X excavator base, these rigs have an oversized undercarriage for added stability.

The target market application is house-building but Roger Bullivant Ltd (RBL) sees them as useful for restricted commercial and industrial sites as well.

While the 3000 series is optimised for restricted access sites and the 5500 series is aimed at industrial applications, the 3500 introduces a balance between size, power, and performance, RBL says.

Each of the rigs is capable of driving piles up to six metres in length and 250mm sections. Each rig offers either a 3.5-tonne or 4.0-tonne quiet hammer technology. To reduce noise pollution in residential areas, the 3500 series features a lighter version of the 5.5-tonne quiet hammer assembly, attaining a 450kN pile capacity while ensuring minimal noise emissions.

A Scanreco radio remote control system eliminates the need for traditional operator cabs, freeing the operator to take up whatever position provides the best and safest viewpoint. The inclusion of the JCB Live Link system also offers remote access to machine telemetry data.

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