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Thu July 25 2024

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Solar-powered site security

20 Jun Dutch site-security firm BauWatch has launched a relocatable solar-powered security camera designed to tackle a ‘rising tide’ of theft and vandalism.

The solar-powered Scout can be quickly relocated
The solar-powered Scout can be quickly relocated

According to BauWatch, two-thirds of workers questioned for a recent UK survey identified an increased incidence of theft over the past year.

Retailers, meanwhile, are confronting a surge in shoplifting incidents that directly impact their profitability and operational efficiencies.

The BauWatch Scout offers protection with a 360° motion detection and video verification system and an integrated LED lighting system that acts as a significant deterrent to potential intruders.

In the event of a perimeter breach or trespassing attempt, the Scout instantly alerts the BauWatch central control centre. Following an assessment of the situation, the centre team can trigger an alarm and alert the police or security patrols if necessary.

The modular design makes the Scout easy to relocate, providing users with a convenient and robust security system that can be moved quickly from one high-risk location and redeployed at another.

Related Information

BauWatch UK’s managing director, Alexis Potter, said: “Earlier this year, we surveyed people working across commercial projects, real estate, energy, infrastructure, and homebuilding projects. With seven in 10 people admitting to seeing theft at work, the key takeaway is that no site or sector is safe from criminals, so having security in place is imperative.”

“Amid the wave of shoplifting we’ve seen recently, retailers also need an effective CCTV solution that they can roll out quickly. Scout's modular design allows effortless relocation, making it the perfect companion for environments that demand adaptability. Most of these exposed locations have guards in place, but manpower can only get you so far – technology can better detect unwelcome activity.”

Greg Miles, project liaison manager at property group Canadian & Portland added, "The Scout system worked perfectly during a recent break-in and the BauWatch team, both responders and remote crew, did a great job directing and liaising with the police to ensure the intruders were caught.

“I can’t recommend BauWatch and the new system more highly. It has saved us a great deal of stress, time, and expense.”

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