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United Kingdom

Category Works


No. of Lots 1

Status Active

Published 1st Dec 2023

Tender Details
Common Procurement VocabularyConstruction work
Procurement MethodNegotiated procedure with prior call for competition
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United Kingdom

Category Works


No. of Lots 1

Status Active

Published 1st Dec 2023

Tender Details
Common Procurement VocabularyConstruction work
Procurement MethodNegotiated procedure with prior call for competition

Section I: Contracting entity

I.1) Name and addresses

National Grid UK Limited

1-3 Strand




Holly McPherson


box.GP.UKBuyerNGV [at]


United Kingdom

NUTS code

UK - United Kingdom

Companies House


Internet address(es)

Main address

I.3) Communication

The procurement documents are available for unrestricted and full direct access, free of charge, at

Additional information can be obtained from the above-mentioned address

Tenders or requests to participate must be submitted electronically via

I.6) Main activity


Section II: Object

II.1) Scope of the procurement

II.1.1) Title

HVDC Converter Systems Framework

II.1.2) Main CPV code

  • 45000000 - Construction work

II.1.3) Type of contract


II.1.4) Short description

National Grid is an international Electricity and Gas Network Company and one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world, based in the United Kingdom with operations in the north-east of the United States of America too.

National Grid is looking to establish a multi-year High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Converter Systems Framework, to service its growing HVDC requirements for the UK businesses and project partners. National Grid also has a developing portfolio of HVDC projects in the US, these works will be subject to a separate procurement exercise.

The scope of this Procurement includes c.15 HVDC projects; certain projects, and other identified projects that it is currently anticipated will be of similar size and value and will be identified as infrastructure to enable the connection of 50GW of Offshore Wind by 2030 and Net Zero by 2050. The scope also comprises other as-yet unidentified additional major HVDC projects, the precise location and nature of which is not yet known but will share the same key features as the other projects.

National Grid's intention is to procure HVDC converter systems solutions utilising primarily Voltage Source Converter (VSC) technology to be confirmed on a project-by-project basis.

The scope of the HVDC Converter Framework includes but is not limited to the following areas and shall be defined on a project-specific basis at call off:

- Supply and installation of converter systems including design, manufacture, installation, and testing of HVDC converter station technology and equipment. This could include the front-end engineering design services in relation to any or all the aforementioned scope

- Turnkey solution including civils and major works

- Maintenance services may be included in the call off scope

Some of the converter systems scope of works may be disaggregated to supply & installation of a equipment only (to be defined at a project by project basis) for a number of projects. To be able to fulfil the scope for those projects with disaggregated scope, co-operation and collaboration with an civils and major works candidate will be required.

Co-operation and collaboration with the cable contractor will be required.

Some of the converter systems may be located on offshore platforms for a number of projects. To be able to fulfil the scope for those projects with an offshore platform, co-operation and collaboration with an offshore platform candidate will be required.

II.1.5) Estimated total value

Value excluding VAT: £24,600,000,000

II.1.6) Information about lots

This contract is divided into lots: No

II.2) Description

II.2.2) Additional CPV code(s)

  • 31200000 - Electricity distribution and control apparatus
  • 31600000 - Electrical equipment and apparatus

II.2.3) Place of performance

NUTS codes
  • UK - United Kingdom

II.2.4) Description of the procurement

The HVDC Converter System Framework is intended to be used for the delivery of National Grid's (NG) HVDC Converter Systems portfolio as described above.

NG anticipates that the HVDC Converter System Framework will be used for the delivery of the following early projects:

1. Eastern Green Link 4 (EGL4)

2. Sealink

If awarded, these early projects will form call-off contracts under the HVDC Converter Framework; however, due to the criticality of these projects and the need for them to be realised within the timeframe set by Ofgem's Accelerated Strategic Transmission Investment framework, the call off process will be run in parallel with the procurement of the framework agreement itself. Interested parties will, therefore, be asked to express their interest in, and capacity to deliver, these early projects at the PQQ stage of the framework procurement.

As more fully described in the RFP, the interested parties that NG determines are capable of delivering the early projects will then be invited to participate in the early project call-off process, alongside the framework RFP.

For the avoidance of doubt, given the parallel running of the framework and early project call-off procurements for the reasons explained, interested parties will not have confirmation of their appointment to the framework agreement before they are required to participate (if they are interested) in the call-off procurements for the early projects; however, securing a place on the framework agreement will be a condition for the award of any call-off contract. Being shortlisted for or awarded a call-off contract for the early projects is not though a condition to securing a place on the framework agreement.

The HVDC Converter Framework may also be used for the delivery of the following early projects:

1. LionLink

2. Other projects of a similar size and nature

Again, for the avoidance of doubt, whilst NG's current expectations regarding the early projects are as set out above, NG reserves its rights to utilise different procurement routes.

II.2.5) Award criteria

Price is not the only award criterion and all criteria are stated only in the procurement documents

II.2.7) Duration of the contract, framework agreement or dynamic purchasing system

Duration in months


This contract is subject to renewal


II.2.10) Information about variants

Variants will be accepted: Yes

II.2.11) Information about options

Options: Yes

Description of options

The initial Framework duration is expected to be 60 (sixty) months, with the option to extend for up to 36 (thirty-six) months via single or multiple fixed terms.

II.2.14) Additional information

In relation to section II.2.10 of the Contract Notice, variant bids may be accepted by National Grid. However, this will only apply in circumstances where the form and content of the variant has been approved by National Grid in advance prior to the Submission Deadline, and is submitted alongside a compliant bid.

National Grid UK Limited will conduct the procurement and enter into the framework agreement with the successfully appointed suppliers for its own benefit and for the benefit of the entities identified below. National Grid UK Limited or any of the following entities shall be entitled to call off from the framework agreement and enter into contracts resulting from the call off:

1. Any parent undertakings or subsidiary undertakings (each term as defined in section 1162 Companies Act 2006 except that references in that section to "majority" shall be replaced by reference to "25% or more") of National Grid UK Limited and any subsidiary undertakings of any such parent undertakings at the time of the call off, including without limitation:

a. National Grid Electricity Transmission Plc;

b. National Grid LionLink Limited;

c. National Grid Nautilus Limited;

d. National Grid Continental Limited;

e. National Grid Interconnector Holdings Limited

f. National Grid Interconnectors Limited; and

g. National Grid Electricity Distribution (South West) plc

2. Any entity that is acting as a project partner with any National Grid call off partner (identified in paragraph 1 above) and which calls off jointly with any such National Grid entity including, without limitation,:

a. SP Transmission Plc;

b. ScottishPower Renewables (UK) Ltd;

c. Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission Plc;

d. TenneT TSO B.V.;

e. TenneT TSO GmbH;

f. TenneT Offshore GmbH;

g. Elia Asset NV/SA;

h. RTE Réseau de Transport d'Electricité; and

i. Transmission system operators and other developers and/or operators of HVDC projects; and/or

3. Any special purpose vehicle, incorporated joint venture or contractual joint venture, between any of the parties identified in paragraphs 1 and 2 above.

It should be noted that, whilst National Grid Interconnector Holdings Limited and any of its subsidiaries whether current or future, which hold an interconnector licence, and National Grid Interconnectors Limited, are included within the scope of the HVDC Converter Systems framework agreement, and therefore entitled to call off under it, these entities are not subject to the Utilities Contracts Regulations 2016 or any other relevant procurement regime. These entities' participation in this procurement process and/or the framework agreement does not cause them to be subject to those rules in whole or in part.

Section III. Legal, economic, financial and technical information

III.1) Conditions for participation

III.1.2) Economic and financial standing

Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents

III.1.3) Technical and professional ability

Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents

III.1.8) Legal form to be taken by the group of economic operators to whom the contract is to be awarded

No specific legal form is required in order to participate in the procurement stage. However, National Grid reserves the right to require successfully appointed suppliers to take a specific legal form and/or accept joint and several liability if constituted as a group of economic operators.

III.2) Conditions related to the contract

III.2.2) Contract performance conditions

Call-off contracts may require the Contractor to interface with other contractors and involve a requirement for interaction/partnership working.

Section IV. Procedure

IV.1) Description

IV.1.1) Type of procedure

Negotiated procedure with prior call for competition

IV.1.3) Information about a framework agreement or a dynamic purchasing system

The procurement involves the establishment of a framework agreement

Framework agreement with several operators

IV.1.8) Information about the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA)

The procurement is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement: No

IV.2) Administrative information

IV.2.2) Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate


15 January 2024

IV.2.4) Languages in which tenders or requests to participate may be submitted


Section VI. Complementary information

VI.1) Information about recurrence

This is a recurrent procurement: No

VI.2) Information about electronic workflows

Electronic ordering will be used

Electronic invoicing will be accepted

Electronic payment will be used

VI.3) Additional information

Please note that National Grid reserves the right to award HVAC works to facilitate the HVDC Converter Systems portfolio through this HVDC Converter Systems Framework at its sole discretion, should the requirements arise.

Interested parties should contact box.GP.UKBuyerNGV [at], specifically noting your interest in the HVDC Converter Framework in order to access pre-qualification documentation via Ariba.

Interested parties should note that National Grid is using the Ariba portal, details of which are set out in section I.3 above, to manage this procurement process. All documentation will be made available through this portal. All communications by interested parties must be made to National Grid only through this portal - any communications sent by alternative means and/or to any other person will be ignored.

Please note that a "request to participate" for the purposes of section IV.2.2 of this notice is by completion and return of the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ), which is available through the Ariba portal, by the stated deadline.

Interested parties should note that National Grid reserves the right to cancel or vary this procurement process at any stage. National Grid may also change the basis, procedures and/or timescales set out or referred to within the procurement documents. National Grid will not be liable for any costs or expenses howsoever incurred by interested parties in participating in this procurement process.

All financial values stated in this notice are estimates only and the final outturn values will depend on the precise works to be delivered, the means of delivery, the way in which the programme and project risks materialise, the actual rates of inflation up to completion of the programme, and other factors.

VI.4) Procedures for review

VI.4.1) Review body

High Court of England and Wales



United Kingdom