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Fri July 12 2024

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Another killer dozer movie is on the loose

Digger Blogger | 15:16, Sat December 24 2011

I came across this movie trailer video recently when it was posted by our friends at the Demolition News website, and just had to share with the Digger Blog readers.

This film Crawler, is vaguely similar to the 1974 “classic” but extremely cheesy TV movie Killdozer, which we have featured on the blog in a past post, and which features such naff lines as “Hey Dutch get the D9’er” and “Let’s get out of here”.  In this far more gory version, the star of the show is no longer the Cat D9 but a much smaller Dresser machine, which has a few nasty tricks in store for the unsuspecting workers, and anyone who happens to get in its way!

So if you are stuck for something to watch over the Christmas & New Year break, why not track this one down.


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