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Sat July 13 2024

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Cat adds more tech to Next Gen large excavators

Digger Blogger | 11:00, Fri January 22 2021

Caterpillar has introduced a new generation of Cat large excavators in the 50- to 90-tonne range.

The Cat Next Generation 352, 374 and 395 weigh in at 50 tonnes, 72 tonnes and 94 tonnes respectively and replace the previous F series models (325F, 374F and 390F).

That's the 395 pictured above.

Cat claims that the new models have “the industry’s highest level of standard factory-installed technology”, including Cat Grade with 2D.

Cat Grade with 2D lets operators use the touchscreen to get visual guidance for making more accurate cuts. The system can be upgraded to Cat Grade with Advanced 2D or Cat Grade with 3D as an added option.

Advanced 2D includes an additional touchscreen monitor to enable in-field design. 3D adds GPS and GLONASS positioning for more accuracy. The built-in communication technology makes it easier to connect to 3D services like Trimble Connected Community or Virtual Reference Station.

The Cat Next Generation 395 supersedes the old 390F
The Cat Next Generation 395 supersedes the old 390F

Cat Payload provides on-the-go weighing; the monitor’s USP port lets operators download results for the past 30 days of work.

Lift Assist is a new safety feature that helps prevent the excavator from tipping, with visual and auditory alerts to warn of overloading.

An E-Fence system prevents the excavator from moving outside operator-defined points, to prevent it straying into unsafe areas, for example.

On the 374 and 395, Auto Hammer Stop prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the attachment and machine. A warning message appears on the monitor after 15 seconds of continuous firing; the hammer will automatically stop after 30 seconds of continuous firing.

The 374 has an operating weight of 71,700 kg
The 374 has an operating weight of 71,700 kg

The larger models also have optional Work Tool Recognition – a shake of an attached tool confirms its identity and automatically adjusts the hydraulic system to the parameters that the operator has set for that specific tool.

The optional Cat PL161 Attachment Locator uses Bluetooth to find attachments and other gear up to a distance of 90 metres away.

The promotional literature also makes strong play of the improved in-cab comfort and ergonomics, the extended and synchronised maintenance intervals to reduce maintenance costs, and the automatic power mode selection, selecting between Power, Smart, and ECO so that you don’t have to.

“Smart mode takes the guesswork out by automatically matching engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions, reducing fuel consumption and optimising performance,” Caterpillar says. “Engine speed automatically lowers when hydraulic demand decreases, further reducing fuel usage.”

The Cat 352, the smallest of the three new machines
The Cat 352, the smallest of the three new machines

  Cat 352  Cat 374 Cat 395
Engine Cat C13 Cat C15 Cat C18
Gross power (ISO 14396) 317 kW 362 kW 405 kW
Operating weight 50 100 kg 71 700 kg 94 000 kg
Max. digging depth* 7060 mm 8570 mm 9670 mm
Max. reach at ground level* 11,290 mm 13,160 mm 14 710 mm
Max. loading height* 7400 mm 8430 mm 9250 mm
  *6.9 m boom, 2.9 m stick *7.8 m boom, 3.6 m stick, 3.3 cu.m bucket GP 8.4 m boom, 4.4 m stick, 5.2 cu.m SD bucket, 900 mm shoes.

This is the 374 again...
This is the 374 again...

..and the 50-tonne 352
..and the 50-tonne 352


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