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Tue July 23 2024

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Cat looks set to rake up even more attachment business

Digger Blogger | 12:07, Sun July 22 2012

The machinery attachment market is a big sector in the industry these days as more and more contractors are deploying new technology to give them the edge over their competitors. Caterpillar offers a vast range of attachments for their machines, including this new power box rake, designed for skid steer loaders and small wheeled loaders.

The Caterpillar Power Box Rake is a versatile work tool that can be used on a whole host of jobs, including de-thatching, removing old lawns and weeds, grading and separating large stones from the dirt. By using the optional offset version to form windrows of debris to one side, the operator can facilitate easy pick up and clearance of the unwanted material.

These machines are an ideal tool for landscaping companies, when preparing a whole variety of soil conditions. Wet, dry, hard and rocky soils can be flattened, pulverized and conditioned for seeding in one step. The consistent milling action of the roller creates an ideal seedbed, improving germination results. especially when preparing the ground for a new lawn or sports playing field.

Our good friend and keen supporter of the Digger Blog from its inception, Roy Vinden from Caterpillar UK, guide’s us through the machine’s highlights in this video.


The Cat PBR is available in three sizes, the PR172 has an overall width of 2057mm, the PR184 is 2362mm and the largest model in the current range is the PR190 with an overall width of 2515mm. When the power raking is completed the machine can be reunited with its bucket for the final clear up of discarded material.

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As I see it on site on a daily basis, the more work tools and attachments you have at your disposal, the easier the job gets, and also productivity and profitability all round the jobsite increases too.






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