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Digger is on the Case with the new CX210C

Digger Blogger | 20:01, Tue December 04 2012

Last week I took up my new operating job on Liskeard based Champion Groundwork’s, brand new Case CX210C, which is the first C series model to be delivered into the West Country. In this post I will offer my personal thoughts on the new machine.

As an operator, I have always rated the Case CX range, which are based on the excellent Japanese Sumitomo machines. I have spent time on a number of them over the years, including the first series and B series models and they never cease to impress me. It goes without saying then that the new C series machines are even better! The CX210C is one of seven new models, ranging from the CX130C to the CX470C ME that were launched in Paris at the Intermat show in April this year. And as previously mentioned this machine, which has been supplied by local dealers M&M Plant Sales, is the first one to be delivered in the West Country.

The 21,200 kg CX210C is powered by an Eco friendly, low emission Tier 4 Interim Isuzu AM-4HK1X engine, which offers 119.3kw (160hp). Coupled with the technically advanced Case intelligent hydraulic system, Case claim that these machines can offer a 10% fuel efficiency improvement over the old B series models.

Climbing aboard this machine, one is greeted by pleasantly familiar Case cab environment, with all the usual refinements we expect from a machine these days. The cab is 5% larger than the B series, and all round visibility is excellent. This visibility is further enhanced with the fitment of two remote cameras, one at the rear which is standard and the optional one to the operator’s right hand side when facing forwards, which he can view from the monitor either individually or combined in a 50-50 split on the screen.

The cabs internal noise levels have been reduced to a very modest 69.9dB which is on a par with most modern saloon cars. The fully adjustable standard air suspension seat is extremely comfortable, and the joysticks can be independently adjusted through 4 different positions, to suit the operators build and comfort. All controls and switches are easily reached with the only downside for me being the location of the climate control panel, which is located right underneath the left hand arm rest, this requires you to lift up the arm rest to adjust the temperature controls. Another feature I like with the Case machines is the remote button on the front of the left hand joystick, which you can use to turn of the radio quickly when you need to speak to one of the ground crew, and the auto idle button on the right hand joystick is a very useful function to have at your disposal.

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The machine is equipped with cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) and a diesel particulate filter, which means the engine is capable of meeting emissions regulations without the need for additional diesel exhaust fluids. This has been the first machine I have operated for any length of time, that is fitted with this system, and initially I was not sure what to expect during operation, but there was no need to worry, as around once a day the machine goes through its automatic self regeneration cycle. The only thing that you notice whilst operating is that a buzzer goes off, and the auto regen notification appears on the monitor screen. The process continues as you work with no loss of power or productivity. There is also a green economy gauge, that can be activated in the cab to inform the operator of the most economical operating mode setting for the machine, this function can also report on fuel consumption in real-time.

The new C series also boasts up to 5% faster cycle times than their B series predecessors, and a 6% increase in lifting power on some models. Speed, power and precision is very evident in these new machines which are a pure joy to operate. It’s been an interesting time getting back into the seat of a 21 ton machine, having spent so many years recently on 13/14 ton machines.

It’s been a baptism of fire on the new machine with Champion Groundwork’s this past week, working on a new housing site development in Exeter, Devon. But I can’t heap enough praise on this new operator friendly machine. The quality and attention to detail on the new C series machines is stunning, supporters of the brand will not be disappointed.


It’s also been strange experience for me going back to a “rigid” bucket set up after using a tiltrotator for the past seven months, but I guess I will soon revert back to the old British way of working. However talks are ongoing about placing a tiltrotator unit on this machine in the future .. watch this space.


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