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Mon July 22 2024

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Doosan rounds off mid-size Stage V excavator series

Digger Blogger | 11:00, Thu December 09 2021

Doosan has unwrapped 10 new models this week in its DX-7 excavator series.

The 10 new models complete Doosan’s medium-sized DX-7 range of 17 Stage V crawler and wheeled excavators, having already launched the first seven earlier in the year.

The new models are:

  • DX140LC-7, DX140LCR-7 and DX160HT-7 crawler excavators in the 14-16 tonne class
  • DX235LC-7, DX235LCR-7 and DX255LC-7 crawler excavators in the 23-25 tonne class
  • DX165WR-7 wheeled excavator (17 tonnes)
  • DX170W-7, DX190W-7 and DX210W-7 wheeled excavators (18-22 tones).

Pictured above is the DX255LC-7, while below is the short tailswing model DX140LCR-7 and the standard DX140LC-7.

These join the previously launched models:

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  • DX225LC-7 crawler excavator (23 tonnes)
  • DX245NHD-7 crawler excavator (25 tonnes)
  • DX140W-7 and DX160W-7 wheeled excavators (16 tonnes)
  • DX210-7, DX210NLC-7 and DX210LC-7 crawler excavators (21 tonnes).

The process began with the DX225LC-7, the first in this size range to feature Doosan’s high performance and fuel-saving D-EcoPower virtual bleed off (VBO) technology. Altogether, the DX-7 models provide significantly higher performance in every area than the previous generation Stage IV machines, Doosan says.

They have increased tool carrier capability and new operator-assist technology. Maintenance needs of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) have also been reduced, with no maintenance required until the machine has operated for 8,000 hours.

New features across the family include a new cab, tiltrotator mode, heavier standard and optional counterweights, a new smart hydraulic system, fine swing function and a new lifting eye.

Pictured right is the new-style cab, while below is the wheeled DX165WR-7.


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