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Fri July 19 2024

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Doosan's new flagship loader makes UK debut at Creeton Quarry

Digger Blogger | 12:00, Wed September 19 2018

Here we have the UK’s first Doosan DL580-5 wheeled loader. It is working at Creeton Quarry, 10 miles north of Stamford in Lincolnshire.

It is the biggest machine in the Korean manufacturer’s wheeled loader series, at 36 tonnes. It has a similar look to the previous range-topping 32-tonne DL550-5 model and is basically the same size but has more robust structural components and an advanced double circuit axle cooling system to tackle for heavier work such block lifting in quarries and mines, as well as heavy-duty applications in industrial, construction and recycling operations.

The front structure has been made more rugged, with greater rigidity and strength. It has reinforced Z-bar kinematics for heavier lifting with few moving parts. This design also helps stabilise the loader, enables rapid bucket movements and keeps the bucket at the right angle position at all times. 

It has higher static tipping loads (straight/full turn 40°) of 29,700 kg and 26,200 kg, respectively.

For safety, the new DL580-5 has an extra bar of LED white flashing safety lights on the front of the machine with red flashing lights on the back and a full flashing blue light and klaxon for use when the machine is being reversed. The loader also has three-point seat belts for the operator.

Creeton Quarry’s DL580-5 was supplied by Doosan dealer Filtermech Plant Sales, based in Wakefield. Equipped with a 6.2 m3 quick hitch mounted bucket, the DL580-5 is providing a significant increase in productivity for material-handling applications around the quarry, says quarry manager Steve Johnson.

“We have an existing Doosan DL550-3 wheel loader but I felt the new DL580-5 would provide us with a substantial boost to our output,” he says. “With its capability of scooping up to 10 tonne of material in every bucket full, the DL580-5 allows us to fill customer lorries with just two buckets rather than three and our articulated dump trucks (ADTs) with just three buckets instead of four.”

He adds: “We are a very busy quarry, producing on average about 4000 tonne of material a day, so over a full day, this really adds up, ensuring we have increased productivity at the same time as increasing speed of response, lowering fuel costs and reducing the cost per tonne of the materials we produce.”

He says that he is well looked after by Filtermech’s support service, which helps make him a Doosan fan.

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Other Doosan machines at Creeton Quarry include DX380LC-5 (40-tonne), DX420LC-5 (43-tonne) and DX530LC-5 (53-tonne) crawler excavators, all purchased in the last two years. The quarry also has two Doosan MT41 ADTs dating from 2009 and 2010 respectively.

“I have had experience of working with all of the other premium brands of machinery,” Steve Johnson says. “For our fleet, I have found that the high performance and reliability of the Doosan range fits the bill – we wouldn’t keep going back to their machines if they weren’t good.

“In contrast, I’ve found with some of the other brands, it causes so much trouble in terms of downtime, waiting for parts, costs etc, when things do go wrong with their machines.”

Creeton Quarry supplies Jurassic limestone. Purchased by Johnston Quarry Group in 2006, the 70-acre quarry has more than 6.5 million tonnes of consented reserves. As the quarry is progressively worked, three distinct beds have been released suitable for long term limestone block supply. These three individual beds – Creeton Banded, Creeton Hard White and Creeton Silverbed – are all available in large volumes and are suitable for a wide range of processing and masonry projects.

And with all the Doosans equipped with the DoosanCONNECT fleet management system, monitoring utilisation, servicing and fuel economy,  the quarry has a precise handle on the cost per tonne produced.



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