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Thu November 30 2023

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Edeleanu’s high(-ish) wire stunt

Digger Blogger | 12:00, Tue June 28 2022

Hugh Edeleanu, the man behind digger hire company HE Services and the Diggerland theme parks, has been at it again.

At 4:30pm on Saturday 25th June 2022 Edeleanu drove a two-tonne Komatsu mini-excavator a 30-metre distance across parallel wire cables that were suspended four metres in the air.

The stunt, for which he is claiming a world record, took place at the Diggerland Kent park in Strood in front of an audience of 1,500 visitors and invited guests.

“I have done loads of stunts over the years but this was one of the most challenging and certainly the most risky,” he said.

His previous records and stunts include completing the fastest journey in a JCB from John O’Groats to Lands’ End, not once but twice, and being swung around by a gigantic excavator while hanging on with just his teeth.

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When asked if there were any more stunts planned for the future, Edeleanu said: “There will be but I can’t tell you. I like to keep things a surprise. No one knew about this digger tightrope stunt and people have been speculating about what was going to happen. I like to keep it exciting and let everyone enjoy the show.”




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