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Even experienced operators can learn something….

Digger Blogger | 12:13, Thu March 14 2013

Richard Maclean, director of Land & Water Plant, employs around 60 plant operatives, but more and more customers seem to want machines on a self-drive basis, he says.

As an ex-operator himself, Richard recognises that all excavators vary slightly and although drivers are generally well trained and have CPCS cards, they may not be familiar with the detail of the specific machine that arrives on site, particularly the more specialist stuff like long reach excavators. Operator handbooks are always provided with machines (and any additions they may have) but somehow, behind the operator’s seat, they don’t always get read.

So Land & Water has produced a series of videos to aid machine familiarisation, setting our routine maintenance requirements, things to check and how the auto greaser works.  

“We realise that the better informed the operator is, the lower the chances of something being used incorrectly and the stronger the likelihood of the machine being better looked after”. 

The videos address some issues that are not usually covered – how to refuel correctly is a classic, as is poor track adjustment. A great deal of machine faults can be prevented by operators taking more time for thorough inspections.

As well as helping reduce maintenance costs, the DVDs reinforce the safety considerations and can be used as part of toolbox talks.

Related Information

“Even experienced operators can learn something from these guides,” he reckons.

There are seven sections that take operators from Chapter 1 (pre start checks) to Chapter 7 (the end of the day). 

Post your comments and feedback below. I am sure Richard would be interested in your feedback.



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