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Hydradig proves handy in Coventry roadworks

Digger Blogger | 10:53, Thu June 07 2018

The versatility of JCB’s Hydradig has landed the machine a role in a demolition application in Coventry.

A Hydradig 110W is being used to assist in the strengthening and rebuilding of Swanswell Viaduct, between junctions one and four of the A4053 ring road around Coventry. The machine is owned and operated by Rugby-based French Contractors, which is carrying out the project as subcontractor to Jackson Civil Engineering.

Attachments being used including a Powertilt tilting hitch, a full range of buckets and a set of pallet forks. It has also been equipped with a Northerntrack hydraulic concrete pulveriser for removal of the bridge abutments.

The Hydradig, supplied by dealer Watling JCB, has been in high demand on the project since day one because of its mobility, all-wheel-steering, hydrostatic drivetrain and maximum road speed of 40 km/h.

The compactness of the Hydradig makes it good for working in the confines of lane closures. Thanks to the TAB boom and a rear over-hang of just 120mm it can squeeze into the tight locations to remove the abutments and parapet walls.

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French Contractors’ David French said: “Being able to provide a solution that exceeds our customer’s requirements has long been a part of the offering here at French Contractors. Our ability to undertake specialist applications has always helped us stand out for our clients. The JCB Hydradig does just that – bolstering our fleet and bringing a versatile dimension to operations – whether that be through mobility, excavating, materials handling or proving hugely capable in a demolition application too. Its manoeuvrability and visibility are also very helpful on confined jobs such as this one.”

Machine operator Ian Ellery added: “The stable machine handles the pulveriser exceptionally well. We would have had to use a larger wheeled excavator if the Hydradig wasn’t available to us. This would have meant a larger attachment, occupying more of the road and additional closures necessary. Quite simply, the JCB Hydradig has made this job far easier for everyone.”





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