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New lubrication system for Viby buckets

Digger Blogger | 12:22, Fri March 14 2014

Danish bucket manufacturer Viby Attachment is introducing a new single-point lubrication system that it says will reduce downtime and simplify the task of daily greasing.

The system developed by Viby means that plant operators now need only to add lubrication to their attachment at one central greasing point rather than at multiple points.

The technology behind this new lubrication system ensures that the grease reaches all key areas instantly from just one central point, the company says. An equivalent automatic version, which is operated via the machine’s own auto lubrication system, is also available.

Viby reckons the system will not only save time, it will also improve greasing and improve safety as well. The system optimises the delivery of grease to all critical parts of the attachment in the correct quantities, it says. Site safety is improved as manual lubrication can be carried out with the bucket at one ground-level position.



Andrew Little, director of Viby Attachment UK, says: “Viby has consistently managed to remain ahead of the competition in terms of technology, durability and quality for many years. The introduction of this new and advanced lubrication system is a perfect example of how committed our designers are to ensuring our customers see continual product improvement, and, importantly continual efficiency improvements within their operations.”

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The system has been trialled by a number of customers in the UK and Europe over the past few months, and will be fully introduced with all new Viby products this spring.

This development closely follows the introduction of a new anti-vibration system on all Viby direct mount buckets and Quickhitch attachments. You may have read about it here. The addition of the shock-absorbing blocks (pictured below), provides operators with benefits including noise-reduction, minimised bucket vibration and reduced operator fatigue, enhancing the smooth-ride function already built into the machine.







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