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Fri July 19 2024

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Takeuchi's & cowboys don't mix (Top Blogs Revisited)

Digger Blogger | 18:24, Mon April 11 2011

I have had a few requests to repost this hilarious video which was first posted on the old Digger Blog over a year ago, it superbly demonstrates how not to do things.

This incredible video depicts a whole catalogue of health and safety wrong doings and bad working procedures.

In the first instance the "driver" tracks an 835kg Takeuchi TB108 on to a piece of plywood that is spanning a wide trench, then he proceeds to slew over the side without the tracks extended for stability, he then tries to dig a bucketful at full reach which in turn produce's the inevitable result!

The guy was very lucky to be able to walk away from this accident.

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Sensitive readers please be aware that there is some rather colourful language towards the end of this video.

Although this video is a complete horror show on how not to approach a job I am sure that incidents like this are very rare. Please don't have nightmares!



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