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Tue July 16 2024

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Tiltrotator systems still catching the imagination with UK companies

Digger Blogger | 19:46, Tue November 08 2011

The tiltrotator concept is continuing to attract the attention of many forward thinking UK businesses. As the “we’ve been doing it without them toys for years” die hard, old fashioned attitude starts to wane, can we look forward to seeing more of these incredible attachments on our UK sites in the future?

I have been trailblazing these pieces of kit for some time on the blog, and having had one fitted to my own mini excavator, I can really say they are a fantastic attachment that can open a whole new world in the way you go about the day to day job on site.

If you have a long run of work ahead of you, they are definitely worth the investment, and while you may not realistically be able to charge more on your rate for the tiltrotator itself, the attachment definitely gets you noticed on site, and can possibly lead to more hire once the customer has seen it in action, with the possible reaction of “let’s get that bloke with the tilty thing back again”.

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This latest action video from our friends at Steelwrist shows even more evidence of the concepts versatility.


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