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Allsops Limited

Tue April 23 2019

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Allsops Limited

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We have a team of technical engineers fully conversant with the companies software drawing packages that include the specialised sheet metal software Radan and the 3D packages Autodesk Inventor, Pro Engineer & SolidWorks


With the latest cutting edge technology including Pullmax's new 720 punch and 126 machines, we are able to meet tight deadlines and reduce costs for our customers

The Pullmax 720 has a maximum working range of 3090mm X 1725mm easily accommodating the standard sheet size 3000mm x 1500mm. The axis speed is 128m/min with an accuracy of 0.1mm per metre, producing precision components fast. Allsops use the 720 to punch up to 3mm but it is capable of punching to 8mm with a press capacity of 220KN-300KN.(24-33 tonnes). The toolhead is capable of holding between 20 and 200 tools, added to its sheet loading and part picking abilities gives Allsops the option of running lights out facilities and passing the reduced costs on to our customers.


The latest machines on the market supplied by Bystronic with 24/7 facilities and equipped with sheet loaders to enable unmanned running, giving Allsops a competitive edge in the laser cutting market place.

2 x Bystronic Byspeed 3015 lasers that have a cutting range of 3048mm x 1524mm and can cut section up to 100mm high.

The maximum sheet thickness that can be cut is 25 mm in Mild Steel, 19mm in Stainless Steel and 12 mm in Aluminium with an accuracy of 0.1mm.


14 Press brakes including the formidable Bystronic Edwards Pearson P250 with 250 Tonne and 4 metre bed capabilities. Also what is considered by many to be the Rolls Royce of Press brakes the Hammerlee P130 with 3 point bending and an accuracy of 0.5 degrees over 3 metres.


Our Motoman Robot and Salvagnini P4 enable optimised and consistent pressing with unmanned production.

The P4 Salvagnini takes minutes to set up for a new part can be programmed for an unlimited number of bends and is up to 5 times faster than conventional press brakes. Producing a part that is consistently accurate to tight tolerances. The P4 can accommodate bend lengths up to 2500 long with a bend height up to 127mm and a maximum bend thickness of 2mm for Mild Steel, 1.25mm Stainles Steel and 2.5mm Aluminium.


60 + skilled Engineers capable of working with all metal types and welding disciplines.

Tig Welders

Mig Welders

Mma Welders

Spot Welders

Hand Held Spot Welders

Haeger Pem Machines

Rota stud Machines

Lifting capabilities include 5 tonne 4.3 metres high and 3 tonne 3.2 metres high Crane's

Power Rollers 2.5 metres long , bead blasting cabinet Various linish machines


As an AkzoNobel approved coater we house 2 purpose built, fully conveyorised paint plants with 3 stage iron phosphate pre-treatment, fully automatic or manual.

With a physical size to accommodate parts up to 1400mm deep 5500mm long and 1000mm wide and a degreasing, Iron phosphating, a 2 X rinse and drying off oven involved in the powder coating process.

Our painting lines can run at speeds of up to 2.5 metres a minute in automatic mode. The quality is checked every 2 hours with a paint thickness, scratch test and a cure test being undertaken.

The skilled painters are also able to provide perfect finishes by hand on intricate work.

We stock a wide range of colours and finishes including Satin, Gloss, Matt, Polyester, Leatherette, Texture and Plasticoat finish.


In order to facilitate the needs of our customers we provide an extensive assembly service and have a designated assembly area within the factory which is bespoke to accommodate specific needs. This area offers a clean environment for our highly skilled assembly personnel to undertake their work and allows for internal & external inspections to be undertaken.

Our full assembly and packaging facilities ensures that we can deliver direct to the end user.

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Tel: 01484 661447
Fax: 01484 666808

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