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Sat January 25 2020

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Axess 2 Limited

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Axess 2 Ltd is the leading supplier and installer of platform lifts for disabled access in the UK.We manufacture and supply a complete range hydraulic and Machine Roomless platform lifts, and conventional passenger lifts, from simple low-rise wheelchair platforms up to enclosed platform lifts capable of travelling up to 16 metres. We are also one of the few companies offering an enclosed ultra modern enclosed car platform lift specifically designed for domestic use - the Axess 6 Supreme MINO. We have installed many platform lifts in the UK over the we are able to draw on our considerable experience to provide a solution to any access problem. You can be rest assured that in our hands we will deliver sound advice when it comes to installing a platform lift for disabled access.

Our platform lifts are designed and manufactured in house, and have all the modern touches that make our lifts stand out from the rest: functionality, simplicity and safety. All our lifts comply with the latest regulations, and our platform lifts for disabled access have been installed in a wide variety of locations such as commercial offices, health and leisure centres, public houses, theatres, schools and retail outlets - both internally and externally.

A1 Platform Lift : The A1 Incline Lift can be installed onto a straight staircase or a curved staircase with multiple landings and turns. This unique design enables the lift to stop at a number of access points.

A2 Lowrise Lifting Platform : The 'New' Axess 2 Low Rise Scissor Lift, the A2 Range is the perfect solution to give easy access to homes, buildings and public premises where a change in level of up to 1 metre excludes the less able.

A3 Low Rise Vertical Platform Lift : The A3 Platform Lift has the smallest footprint of our vertical platform lift range. A platform of 1100mm x 1400mm (wheelchair user & attendant) only requires a floor space of 1300mm x 1550mm.

A5 Vertical Screw Lift : A lift designed to provide an inexpensive solution for easy access to private, public and commercial buildings all over the world. It is a safe and reliable screw-driven vertical platform lift with a shaft enclosure that blends in the majority of environments.

A6 Supreme - A lift by design : This is our Flagship Product. The A6 sets itself apart from the rest by simply having a full car lift design giving the passenger the comforts of a conventional passenger lift for a fraction of the cost, with the new Smooth Drive Hydraulic system, this is a unique highly desirable lift.

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