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Sun May 31 2020

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Bennie Stones, part of Peter Bennie Ltd., has been involved in stone and quarries for over 50 years and understands it in every format. Our stone is fastidiously controlled to achieve the highest quality in all aspects of every job, we even have an environmental program that turns old quarries into lush agricultural land and nature reserves. Because of the vast investment in equipment to extract stone and the extensive training for staff, we fully guarantee our products and workmanship. See this website and talk to our team to appreciate Bennie Stones, the exclusivity and the quality.

With a range of stone in a variety of finishes Peter Bennie provides stone for all types of building, including a matching service for extending and repairing existing buildings. With a consultation service that extends from design and specification through to sourcing the right installation team, our approach to building stone is unique. The warmth and characteristics of our stone transforms a structure. Sawn, dressed or cropped each stone is as beautifully crafted as it is individual.

Highlighting features of a property, making a design statement or just transforming a simple window into something with character is where the quality of our masonry stones and craftsmanship stand out. Because of the bespoke nature of stone, the experience from carving thousands of pieces and the ability to work to any size, shape and design, our approach is incredibly flexible. From when we extract stone from the quarry to when we help with the installation, all aspects of the process are quality driven and customer focused.

The versatility of stone and our experienced stone masons mean a variety of structures and features are possible. We have vast experience across everything from fireplaces to garden ornaments. We work with designers, builders and end users creating intricate pieces, large impressive structures and focal points for a room or garden. The variety of stone types and finishing methods can change the feel of each application making contemporary as well as traditional applications possible.

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