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Fri June 05 2020

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Bodycote Health Sciences

0800 6335705

Bodycote Health Sciences Europe provides testing and advisory services that ensure that the products we use and the environment around us are safe and comply with current legislation. The business sectors we serve are:

Food & Consumer Products



Sample materials tested include:

Food and water

Consumer goods


Contaminated land



Our testing services are supported by advisors, auditors and surveyors who can add value to our testing by providing interpretation of the results, management advice on the implementation of legislation and risk assessments of your products, services or facilities. Our extensive �blue chip� client base uses Bodycote to protect their brand and image.

We currently operate from a number of locations in the UK and are actively expanding in Europe. Our locations for:

Pharmaceutical: Edinburgh, Sittingbourne, Camberley

Environmental: Glasgow, Greenock, Runcorn, Washington, Perivale, Romania

Food and Consumer Products: Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Grimsby, Glasgow, Seaham, Cork

Getting in contact with Bodycote Health Sciences

Lochend Industrial Estate
Midlothian, Scotland
EH28 8PL

Tel: 0800 6335705

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