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Fri August 23 2019

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Cochran combines proven engineering skills with technical innovation to produce high quality solutions for energy users worldwide, in almost every imaginable industry.

Cochran offers a full life approach, from advice, design and engineering, through manufacture and installation, to operation and maintenance, repair and plant upgrades.

Steam Boilers

Steam Plant Solutions

From a single boiler, to a turnkey project-managed multiple boiler installation, Cochran delivers worldwide. Every installation is precisely engineered to individual clients needs, from fully packaged steam systems, ready to run, or alternatively a boiler with ancillaries on a supply and commission only basis.

The comprehensive range of Cochran steam boilers includes the Borderer, Wee Chieftain, Minster and Thermax ranges, all renowned for efficient and reliable operation across a wide range of demanding conditions.

Fired and unfired waste heat boilers for power generation systems are a specialty. All Cochran boilers can be provided with the latest microprocessor control, monitoring and sequencing systems, which can be extended to monitor plant room ancillary supplies and services.

Steam Boiler Ranges

Wee Chieftain

Ratings: 1000kg/hr to 5000kg/hr

Working Pressures:10.34 bar (Designs available to 28 bar)


Ratings: 50kg/hr to 6800kg/hr

Working Pressures: 6.9 & 10.34 bar (Designs available to 20 bar)


Ratings: 3150kg/hr to 15880kg/hr

Working Pressures:10.34 & 17.3 bar (Designs available to 25 bar)

Thermax Twin Flue

Ratings: 18140kg/hr to 31751kg/hr

Working Pressures: 10.34 & 17.2 bar (Designs available to 25 bar)

Waste Heat Boiler

Ratings: to 32,000kg/hr

Working Pressures: 10.34 and 17bar (Designs available to 35 bar)


Ratings: From 2268 kg/hr to 9979 kg/hr (F&A 100�C)

(Twin Furnace Designs Available Up To 16000 kg/hr)

Working Pressures: 10.34 BAR (Designs available up to 20 BAR)

Cochran Boiler Hire Solutions

Cochran is the UK�s leading manufacturer of industrial shell boilers. We service, repair and upgrade boilers worldwide. We provide Boiler Hire solutions nation wide as part of out total service offering, with installation operation and breakdown cover included as part of our Hire packages.

Typical application for Cochran Hire Boilers include:

Repair or upgrade outage cover

When your boiler plant is unavailable Cochran can supply steam and hot water for the duration of the outage. These outages are typically to allow emergency repair (often following insurance surveys, planned maintenance, or upgrades).

Peak load applications

When seasonal loads are present in a process, it may be more cost effective to use temporary steam or hot water, than to invest in extra boiler capacity with its requirement for space and maintenance.

Product Development

If a company needs steam for short period for product research and development , Cochran can provide the facilities, and if permanent capacity is needed, Cochran can provide complete turnkey solutions to install permanent solutions.

Interim boilers for new boiler projects

While new boilers have been ordered there may be a gap in steam or hot water production as the old boilers are removed and the new installed. As well as the manufacture and installation of new plant, we can provide the necessary cover during the interim period.

Long term hire

If cash and capital expenditure is an issue, Cochran can provide long term hire boilers to meet your needs, installed either in your existing facilities or provided in a custom built boiler house to be located where required.

Steam Boilers

The Cochran Steam Boiler Hire Range runs from 50kg/hr to 32,000kg/hr with options for running boilers in parallel, operating at pressures up to 25 barg.

Hot Water Boilers

The Cochran Steam Boiler Hire Range runs from 73kW to 22,000kW with options for running boilers in parallel, operating at at pressures up to 25 barg.

Packages and Terms

Cochran Hire boilers come in different packages including trailer mounted, containerised or complete with temporary boilerhouse for larger applications.

Our hire packages include:

steam hoses and connectors

pipe work

blowdown vessel

water treatment package

fuel tanks

chimney and/or flue sections

Hire charges can be weekly or monthly, and will include delivery, installation, set-up, operation (optional), breakdown cover (optional). Customers only need supply water, fuel and electricity

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