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Mon March 25 2019

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• Looking for a CIS payroll solution?

• Do you engage sub-contractors?

• Would you like to remove the burden of administration and compliance associated with CIS?

• Are you at risk from Employment Rights claims?

• Are you at risk from the consequences of status review?

If you answer YES to any of the above questions, then let EEBS help you. EEBS will quickly alleviate your worries and concerns, and save you time and money, guaranteed!

EEBS have worked exclusively in support of the construction industry since 2002. The aim of the business, both then and now, is to help construction firms remain both compliant with their employment and tax responsibilities in relation to their use of self-employed sub-contractors, and to remain commercially competitive by providing a simple pay roll solution.

In the 15 years that we have operated, we have constantly updated our business model, contracts, operating procedures and terms of business, in response to the ever changing regulatory landscape. We continue to invest significant time, money and expertise into our business to ensure that we can offer clients fully compliant solutions. EEBS offer clients a solid, robust, HMRC compliant solution which has never been challenged by the tax authorities, and includes a 100% guarantee to protect clients, and their businesses from the threats they face in order to maintain a compliant workforce.

We specialise in working with small to medium contractors to help them retain as much commercial flexibility as legislation allows, and avoid unnecessary costs.

Our approach is relationship focused, we work with you to overcome issues you may face and to find a suitable bespoke solution that saves you time, money and alleviates the burden of employment and tax issues, allowing them to focus on the job at hand.

There has, for many decades, been conflict between the construction industry and the tax authorities, with regard to the employment status of tradesmen.

This conflict exists because of the industries need for a flexible workforce, and the tax authorities refusal to recognise the industries traditional arrangements as being of genuine self-employment.

And this is for one reason only: if an individual is engaged by a construction contractor as an employee, then Employers National Insurance contributions are paid to HMRC by the contractor. If the individual is engaged under a self-employed arrangement, then no ENI contributions are due.

What’s the Solution?

Appoint EEBS to as your sub-contract labour supplier. After a comprehensive assessment of your current employment practices, EEBS will:

• Provide a full written summary, and recommend solutions that fit your business needs – exactly.

• Brief the sub-contractors on the outcome of the assessment, and any changes that may affect them

• Verify each sub-contractor with HMRC

• Calculate and pay CIS or PAYE tax, and take full responsibility for all status submissions to the Revenue

• Take full legal responsibility for the contracted self-employed, or PAYE sub-contractors that you engage through us, dramatically reducing the administration and compliance associated with CIS.

In addition, we will protect your business from the consequences of status review, reduce the risks associated with “Employment Rights’ claims, remove the costs associated with direct employment, and provide clients with complete peace of mind.

We have over 30 clients who have been inspected by HMRC whilst using our services, and our business model has never been challenged.

Book your FREE Compliance Health Check today!

We offer a FREE compliance health check with NO obligation to work with us AND if we can add value there is NO sign up cost, NO exit fee, and NO ongoing commitment

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