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Tue June 02 2020

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Elite Precast Concrete Limited

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Elite Precast Concrete are one of the UK's leading precast concrete manufacturers. The business combines the highest levels of customer service with always being the best value option. We have a huge range of "semi-dry" and "wet-cast" products which we supply to every sector of UK industry imaginable.

Our product range includes:

Legato™ Interlocking Blocks

These high strength blocks are designed to provide a solution for a huge variety of projects including material storage bays, retaining walls, push walls, fire break walls, counter weights / kentledge, salt storage, silage clamps, and industrial buildings.

Vee™ Interlocking Blocks

Elite are the UK’s only manufacturer of blocks which lock together both horizontally and vertically, the Vee ™ Interlocking Concrete block. If you looking for an interlocking block system that can provide radiation shielding (either temporary or permanent) or if you’re looking a block that can provide a retaining wall solution then Vee™ Interlocking blocks could be the answer.

Duo™ Interlocking Blocks

Elite are the UK’s only manufacturer of Duo™ interlocking concrete ‘lego’ blocks – used throughout the UK in a wide variety of applications. If you’re looking for a robust, simple and flexible way of building retaining walls, push walls, salt bays, aggregate storage, compost, wood chip or any other material segregation walls then Duo™ blocks could be what you’re looking for.

Kentledge Blocks

Precast concrete kentledge blocks are used to act as ballast or counterweights for fencing, hoarding or scaffolding. They can also be attached to wire ropes which are fixed to the structure to provide greater stability.

Counterweight Blocks

Our security blocks, Interlocking concrete blocks and Vee™ interlocking blocks all make excellent counterweight blocks for fall arrest systems, heavy lifting equipment etc. We are also happy to work with our clients to manufacture ‘tailor-made’ blocks should they be required.

Sea Anchor Blocks

We are delighted to present our new range of Precast Concrete Sea Anchors. Available in a wide range of of sizes with a choice of galvanised steel lifting and guide hoops, with integral feet to help locate the blocks into the sea bed.

Channels, Ducts & Troughs

Precast concrete ducting is a system that allows for the accommodation of a number of different services from multiple utility and building providers.

Cable Protection Covers

Concrete Cable Protection Cover Tiles, also known as Cable Route Markers, are used frequently by utility companies to provide a clear indication to site staff who may be working close to underground electrical cables.

Indicator Posts

Precast concrete indicator posts are widely used by utility companies and are installed to assist the location and identification of underground services. Marker posts are made from reinforced precast concrete, manufactured and tested to BS 1881 standards.

Marker Blocks

Precast concrete marker blocks are primarily used to aid in the location and indentification of electric cables and other utility services that are buried underground. They can also be used to mark boundaries and other reference points.

Utility Protection Slabs

Our utility protection slabs are made from precast concrete and heavily reinforced with steel. They are designed to protect a range of vulnerable utilities such as water pipelines, high pressure gas mains and power cables from damage from above-ground traffic.

Security Blocks

We offer a range of options when it comes to securing your premises against unwanted visitors, to manage site traffic and for use as HGV MOT test weights.

Jersey Barriers

The Elite Jersey barrier is an interlocking heavy duty system designed for the ultimate in anti-vehicle perimeter protection.


Elite’s Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCBs) are perfect for a huge variety of applications.

Seating Rings/Adjusting Units

Concrete frame adjusting/seating rings are reinforced 65mm deep units which can be used in place of engineering bricks to adjust the ductile or cast iron covers and frames to the required level.

Gully Covers/Raisers

Gully cover slabs are available in both square and ‘U’ shaped versions, for positioning next to kerb edges, with handling recesses for lifting brackets.

Manhole Cover Slabs

Access hole sizes vary according to manhole diameter and depth. Elite’s heavy duty reinforced cover slabs can be supplied with a variety of standard and non-standard access hole sizes.

Dam Spillway Blocks

Precast concrete wedge-shaped blocks which use the hydrodynamics of the water flow to achieve immense stability in high velocity open channel conditions such as those found on dam spillways. The blocks are bespoke-manufactured to suit specific design and technical data.

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