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Thu May 28 2020

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FDT Bridge Inspections

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FDT’s team of bridge inspectors is comprised of Chartered and Graduate engineers. The team possess vast experience in delivering structural inspections, design services and special reports. These services are presently supplied to several MAC’s - Maintaining Agent Contractors, including Atkins, A-one, AmeyMouchel and Mouchel Parkman who are appointed by the Highways Agency to maintain motorways and trunk roads. Additionally, FDT’s bridge inspectors work for County Councils, Municipal Authorities and others, all of whom collectively maintain the UK’s bridge stock.

With around 240,000 bridges in the UK, FDT’s bridge inspection team deliver Special, Principal and General Inspections to a wide variety of structures. For Principal and Special Inspections, the team report according to the standards set down in the Highways Agency’s Design Manual for Roads and Bridges. For General Inspections, FDT conduct reports according to the BCI - Bridge Condition Indicator guidelines set down by the County Surveyors Society. All FDT structure inspection reports are approved and signed-off by a Chartered Engineer.

General Inspections are reported on FDT’s bridge inspection reporting solution – Intercom. Intercom is an internet enabled, structure management system that provides secure access for FDT’s clients. The system may then be used by the client to export reports to SMIS, BMX, Exor or other structure management databases.

In addition to possessing individual SMIS log-ins, the inspection team possess IRATA certification which enables roped access inspections to be conducted and are qualified to work within confined spaces. Where necessary, FDT or its partners will provide Traffic Management and appropriate access equipment.

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