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Sun May 31 2020

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Fischer Fixings UK Ltd

0844 334 8510

Fischer Fixings is the UK's leading supplier of fixings for the construction industry, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of anchors, fixings and tools to the industry. See below for the full product range:

NO TOOLS JUST HANDS, Steel fixings, Chemical fixings, Standard fixings, Frame fixings, Cavity fixings, Electrical fixings, Sanitary fixings, Scaffold anchors and eye fixings, Window frame fixings, Power tools, Renovation/strengthening, Insulation fixings, Fixation on ETICS/insulation, Construction Chemicals, Drill bits, Installation systems, Screws, FireStop, Bolt anchor, Concrete screws, Sleeve anchor, Undercut anchor, Nail anchor, Hammerset anchor, Additional steel anchor, Resin Capsules, Injection mortar, Plug sets, Board Fixing, Mounting of Pipelines, Mounting of Cables, Ceramic free-standing toilets and bidets, Scaffold anchors, Eye screws, Cordless impact wrenches FSS, Remedial wall tie VBS, Insulation support, Insulation discs, Thermax, Fixing in insulation material, Building foams, Joint sealants, Hammer drill bit SDS, Hollow drill bit, Standard chisel, Chipboard screw Power-Fast, Wood construction screw Power-Fast, Full thread screw Power-Full

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