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Sat May 30 2020

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Hepworth Acoustics Ltd

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New Building Regulations brought out in the UK in 2003 mean that new developments and changes to existing developments must all comply with stringent new noise management requirements.

Hepworth Acoustics know what you need and how to provide it. We will advise you on what is necessary under the appropriate part of the Building Regulations, and then provide the sound insulation testing and reports to prove that you are in compliance. We are approved under the ANC Registration Scheme for carrying out sound insulation testing, so our reports and ANC certificates will keep the Building Control Officer happy.

Whether your development is a new build, extension, modification or change of use, we will clear the path for you and provide the sound insulation advice you need.

Hepworth Acoustics Consultancy

Perhaps you have issues with noise breaking out of your business premises, or you are concerned with improving the internal acoustics of a hall or auditorium. Perhaps you are concerned with controlling noise levels during infrastructure development. Perhaps your business generates noise through mineral extraction or waste disposal. Perhaps you simply need help with a planning application for licensed premises. Whatever your noise management need, Hepworth Acoustics Consultancy can supply the answer.

Hepworth Acoustics Noise Mapping Services

Noise mapping has become a growing area of concern throughout the EU since the European Union issued directives requiring noise maps of every large urban area and all main transport links within each member state. Hepworth Acoustics is the leading independent consultancy firm for all noise mapping and noise action plans. Whatever the level of information and advice you need, Hepworth Acoustics Noise Mapping Services can provide it.

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