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Tue June 02 2020

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ITW Apline Limited

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ITW Alpine manufactures and supplies a range of nailplate products, all designed for particular uses within the truss industry. All ITW Alpine's plates can be pressed using any of the normally available truss manufacturing equipment.

Our range of connectors inculdes:

A9 And A13:

ITW Alpine offers 0.9mm thick (20 gauge) A9, or 1.0mm thick A13 nailplates for general use in roof truss fabrication. Their excellent design values, supported by Agrément certification, ensures that in excess of 95% of joints can be plated using either of these connectors.

Field Splice Plates:

Available in three sizes, Field Splice Plates are used to connect a top hat truss to it’s base truss. These plates are partly punched nails which are pressed into the base truss at the factory, and partly holes to allow for nailing into the top hat truss on site.


ITW Alpine also manufactures and supplies Waveplate, which is a bespoke nail plate specifically for FloorTrus. Using Waveplate in FloorTrus production keeps plate sizes down, and therefore keeps cost and environmental impact to a minimum.

Spacejoist Webs:

SpaceJoist webs are available for joist depths from 195mm up to 424mm. The webs have punched nails at the top and bottom which are pressed into the respective timber chords. The struts incorporate inwardly pressed ribs which increases the strength without impeding manufacture. As with the nailplates, all Spacejoist webs are dispatched from ITW Alpine’s Truro premises.

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