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Mon May 25 2020

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Invalifts Limited

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UK Specialists in platform lifts

Invaluable products for the less able

Invalifts Ltd are a UK based company who specialise in the provision and installation of wheel chair, vertical and inclined platform lifts in addition to various other products for the vertical transportation industry. We have solutions available which can be used for both internal and external use, together with ones that are able to transport both people and goods.

The owners of Invalifts Ltd UK are lift specialists with many years experience working on wheel chair and vertical platform lifts for the leading companies in the UK industry, and are committed to delivering top class products and services to all of our Customers.

Our speciality is the provision of access solutions for the less able and we have a wide range of wheel chair platform lifts, which include both inclined and vertical platform lifts. Our vertical platform lift range can reach heights of up to 13 metres travel and serve up to 6 different levels. The inclined wheel chair platform lifts are now available in versions for both straight and curved staircases.

All of our products are designed to comply with the relevant UK and EC Directives, and are ideal for installation in all environments, including domestic and public. We regularly install units in schools, retail outlets, churches, libraries, offices, care homes, hospitals etc.

MC2000 - Platform Lift Inva-Step Lift

MC3000 - Self-contained Passenger Lift External Lifts

Inva-Stair Riser Inva-Flexi Lift

LRH400 - Low Rise Hydraulic Platform Lift InvaEuro Platform Lift

Invalow - Platform Lift to 1 Metre

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