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Mon September 24 2018

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Kingspan Off-Site Limited

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Kingspan Off-Site is Europe's leading manufacturer and innovator of modern methods of construction, providing high performance solutions to the private and affordable house-building and commercial sectors, as well as the public sector. Kingspan Off-Site was formed in 2007 following the acquisition of Pace Timber Systems and Potton, which were combined with Kingspan's existing timber and steel systems divisions, making it the UK's largest manufacturer of MMC building systems.

The creation of the Kingspan Off-Site division has combined the innovative product solutions and extensive technical expertise of both Kingspan's timber and steel divisions, and has been the final stage in the development of the UK's first 'super' off-site systems provider.

Kingspan Off-Site offers a portfolio of building systems, including the SIPs based TEK Building System, the company's Optima integrated building system, a selection of timber frame systems and a range of steel frame and facade systems.

Kingspan Off-Site is one of the country's largest and most experienced provider of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

With an extensive track record in delivering timber frame, steel frame and a myriad of hybrid systems, Kingspan Off-Site can accommodate all MMC needs and even incorporate Kingspan energy saving products such as heat recovery systems in the solution.

Kingspan Off-Site has a range of solutions for all levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes including Carbon neutral Levels 5 and 6.

From private and affordable housing through to education, healthcare and commercial buildings, Kingspan Off-Site offers an extensive range of effective off-site future-proofed solutions across any masterplan.

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