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Mon February 18 2019

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M S Flooring Limited

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MS Contracting was founded 10 years ago, primarily involved in the maintenance of water retaining structures we have expanded to cover the provision of specialist maintenance to floors and non slip coatings and more recently now provide a complete structural maintenance service to industrial buildings and fabrics.

We are trained and approved installers of several manufacturers products and systems. We are able to recommend solutions from various sources, choosing the most appropriate system for any particular application.

Our Client list includes some well known "Blue Chip" companies in the East Midlands as well as the major utilities and Local Authorities.

We specialize in the provision of quality repair and maintenance solutions to budget and programme. Our management is very much "hands on" and prides itself in promoting good customer relationships.

Contact us for a no-obligation quotation or advice on any particular problem you may have. Invisible Anti-Slip Treatment

Anti-slip changes the surface pores of stone surfaces. This makes them effectively "Slip/Fall" resistant when wet, without affecting the aesthetic beauty or surface integrity. Anti-slip reacts instantly to create an extremely effective anti-slip surface, even moisture from a wet shoe is enough to create the reaction. This makes wet to dry areas "Slip/Fall safe". Anti-slip exceeds the American OSHA and ADA guidelines.

Applying anti-slip is fast with no drying time. The floor can be walked on immediately after treatment. Anti-slip is not an etching product or coating.

Anti-slip can be used in swimming pools, schools, hospitals, kitchens, hotels, supermarkets, restaurants etc etc...

Works instantly

No drying time

Minimum 5 year life

Environmentally friendly

Stops the growth of bacteria

Easy to maintain with a citrus based cleaner

Increases the coefficient of friction far more than any other chemical treatment


Some situations require a system that can cope with chemical oil or other aggressive environments. It is sometimes useful to provide a visible warning edge (such as step edging). This can be acheived with the use of a coloured epoxy grip system which can be varied in texture and grade of treatment.

These systems require a minimum application window of 24 hours, sometimes longer.

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