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Tue June 02 2020

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Mecalac Construction Equipment UK Ltd

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The MECALAC group offers a wide range of innovative compact construction equipment for today’s urban construction sites:

• Wheeled Excavators

• Crawler Excavators

• Wheeled Loaders

• Site Dumpers

• Backhoe Loaders

• Compaction Rollers

MECALAC's aim is to offer compact class construction equipment with superior performance concerning flexibility, speed and process innovation. Almost all products are designed for 3D compactness and optimized attachment- and tool carrier. MECALAC products are designed for highest fuel efficiency and environmental protection, whereby we intentionally optimize the application processes of our users. Good examples are the multi-functionality of most of our products to reduce the number of machines at the construction site and the Swing Loader concept to significantly reduce manoeuvring operations at the worksite.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in the UK, in France, in Germany and in Turkey. We apply with good reasons a high integration of manufacturing. Robot assisted steel fabrication as well as manufacturing of turning joints and cylinders are part of our in-house manufacturing processes.

The company has a leading position with Mobile Excavators in France and has received numerous patents, design- and innovation awards. Based on a strong culture in the company, we motivate our employees to always decide in favour of:

Quality - Reliability - Trustworthiness - Reactivity


No long-lasting success without a strong course of action

Values, vision and the task are inseparable for Mecalac. Our DNA is unique and man remains the essential driver of the interface with the machine, from its design, to its use and its environment.

Our tradition: Innovation in motion

Innovation moves mountains and makes the world progress. It is possible to excel if we never stop designing new functions, improving technologies, and adapting the evolving realities and constraints of the business. This is the reason why innovation is the nucleus of our company DNA.

Our task: To offer the right solution to each customer

Combining proactive listening to the customer and relevant industrial responses is a strength which makes it possible to size and customise our solutions and our machines. Our unique professional objective is to be a partner in the long-lasting success of each of our customers and to make our products ambassadors for their brands.

Our vision: Simplicity + versatility = profitability + autonomy

Expertise is born of experience. Ours is based on the strong concept that profitability cannot be considered without simplicity of use, coupled with versatility in functions. When a single operator and a single machine can together cover a wide range of tasks on a single site without complicated manoeuvres hours no longer have the same value.

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