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Tue May 26 2020

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N J Froment and Company Limited

01780 480033

Froment design and build World class testing systems for the power supply and agricultural machinery industries.

Accredited to BS EN ISO9001:2000, with products in every continent of the World and established for more than 6 decades, Froment are dependable partners in your chain of quality assurance.

We can provide a complete solution to your test requirements including advanced data aquisition systems developed in-house by our applications team. Froment Proofloader is a load bank system that replicates working load conditions and provides a rigorous test regime for power supplies from 1kW to many MVA. Resistive, inductive or combined load banks can be customised for any application. They can be permanently connected to one power source, used for testing numerous sets in a workshop environment, or used for on-site commissioning, witness tests and proof trials. Standard or custom-built load banks can be supplied for most voltages, frequencies and sizes. Multi-voltage load banks are also available for operation over a large voltage range. Load banks are available in static versions for permanent installation or movable format with fork lift pocket base, castors or full road going trailers. Larger load banks, typically above 1200kVA, are based on an ISO container construction. Special finishes including custom paint colours and stainless steel casings can be supplied.

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