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Fri November 15 2019

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Orbitec Limited

0845 165 1917

Orbitec is rapidly becoming the fastest growing most respectable name in Orbital TIG Welding equipment. Worldwide distribution now provides global access to inexpensive and versatile welding equipment, which is robust and easy to operate. The successful evolution of Orbitec products and the collaborative approach to customer needs has now resulted in a rapid expansion into a market, which so far has not been satisfied with a high quality/low cost choice. Dispelling the myth that Orbital Welding equipment is both complex and not interchangeable between manufacturers brands, Orbitec can serve directly both experienced and inexperienced orbital welders alike. Orbitec has the experience, the innovation, the pragmatic approach to solving welding applications� Moreover, we do not cost a fortune! These are some of the simple innovations we have introduced to the market: Our OSK Series weld heads are compatible with all manufacturers� power supplies/controllers. Orbitec Controllers are simple to programme and operate. This allows excellent quality welds within minutes of power-up, even for new and inexperienced operators. Our training programme combines the most experienced Orbital Welding trainers in Europe with extensive practical application, providing probably the best training available worldwide. We pride ourselves in providing you with the best possible value without the penalty of expensive repairs or poor quality service. We know that there is no mystery in the technique or any catch to charge you later! All you have to do is experience the new approach and never look back.

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