RSSL Reading Scientific Services Limited

Sat August 24 2019

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RSSL Reading Scientific Services Limited

0118 986 8541

Reading Scientific Services Limited (RSSL) provides science and technology outsourcing to the global food, drink, pharmaceutical, healthcare and consumer goods industries and their suppliers in the agriculture, ingredients and chemicals sectors.

RSSL's business is founded on scientific expertise and industry-leading customer service. We operate within the framework of externally accredited quality systems.

Above all, RSSL is a consultancy for the industry. We understand the needs, problems and issues of industry and we work as your partner on your behalf.

RSSL offers a diverse range of Analytical testing Services for the global food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Food Analysis Services includes food allergy and intolerance, colour analysis, vitamin analysis, ingredient analysis, oils and fats analysis, metal analysis, physical properties analysis, authenticity, herbals and natural products, enzyme and irradiation testing.

Pharmaceutical Analytical Testing Services includes analytical spectroscopy services, analytical testing, consultancy and regulatory affairs, consumer research, dermatological testing, emergency response services, formulation services, genotyping, microbiological services, microscopy services, physical properties, sensory evaluation, stability testing, training, sub-visible particle counting

Investigative Analysis includes foreign body identification, flavour, taint and off flavour analysis, contaminant analysis

Emergency Response Services - Depending on your requirements, it can offer you priority access to a range of RSSL's services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Getting in contact with RSSL Reading Scientific Services Limited

The Lord Zuckerman Research Centre
Whiteknights Campus

Tel: 0118 986 8541

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