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Mon October 14 2019

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Rola-Trac Limited

01493 750200

Rola-Trac work closely with major construction companies on a wide variety of projects across the world. With so many potential applications and the speed of deployment required, major contractors chose Rola-Trac to fulfil their requirements.

The Rola-Trac product range has been developed to withstand heavy duty use. Its varied applications re-emphasise the flexibility and speed that our customers have come to rely upon.

Contractors face increasing pressure to protect and make safe their working environment. Rola-Trac has devised systems, which compliment the contractor's own safety processes and timescales.

Rola-Trac is great for commercial, professional and domestic use. The options are endless; tent/marquee flooring, walkways, patios, pet areas, outside displays, pitch coverings. Any use where protection between ground and user is required.

Available in two grades and seven colours to suit any need. Edging ramps allow easy wheelchair access and eliminate trip hazards. Use Rola-Trac for your camping trip, party, wedding, show, around the garden, wherever!

Rola-Trac simply clicks together. No need for tools or expertise of any kind. Laid in minutes, taking it up is just as quick. Easily stored, outside or in, for use again and again. Dirty? Simply hose its safe non-slip surfaces down.

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