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Tue October 22 2019

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Signup2safety construction health and safety posters are digitally printed ensuring sharp detail and vivid colours. All posters are available with a durable wipe-clean laminate finish in three ISO 216 standard sizes.

The aim of Signup2safety is to help organisations communicate to their workers the importance of personal behaviour in creating a safe working environment. Most companies have good safety systems in place, but it is widely recognised that good systems alone are not always enough to prevent accidents. Many experts believe that real safety is determined by how people behave, and it is safe behaviour that turns systems into reduced statistics.

We recognise the responsibility, both legally and morally, for organisations to communicate to their manufacturing, construction and office employees the importance of safe behavioural practices. The majority of health and safety posters currently available for this purpose are often ad-hoc, poorly designed and fall well short of performing the function to which they are intended. For these reasons, we have taken an active lead in designing attention grabbing safety posters. Our design team have worked alongside health & safety and human resource professionals to devise campaigns with the purpose of influencing and encouraging personal responsibility for safety at work.

Our posters set clear behavioural expectations. They can be used individually or as a framework for ongoing structured safety campaigns that are sustainable through regular new poster designs.

Signup2safety will maintain and develop a poster portfolio that will be a constant supply of entertaining & informative poster campaigns for your organisation. If you're serious about encouraging, developing and sustaining safe behaviour in your organisation, then Signup2safety is your perfect media partner.

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