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Sat August 17 2019

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Sound Acoustics Limited

01473 893997

If you need a fast response, low cost sound test then look no further than Sound Acoustics Ltd. We offer good value, a friendly service and plain language reporting and advice. We are ANC registered for sound testing and have the experience to provide cost effective construction advice should you require it. No job is too big or too small.

We can help with the design stage of your project or simply test the construction prior to completion. Whether you are a private individual or a large company we are able to help you.

The company is based near Ipswich, Suffolk and is ideally situated for areas in and around London, the South-east, East Anglia and the Midlands but it is still worth contacting us wherever you are in the United Kingdom or Channel Islands as many of our clients have discovered.

School Acoustics (BB93)

Planning Acoustics (PPG24)

Industrial Noise (BS4142)

Noise at Work

Getting in contact with Sound Acoustics Limited

15 Ganges Road
Shotley Gate

Tel: 01473 893997

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