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Sat June 06 2020

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Structure-Flex Limited

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Well known for building long term partnerships with both customers and suppliers and with expertise in the fields of dry bulk packaging, commercial vehicle covers, graphics, bulk liquid packaging, lifting & safety equipment and bespoke performance textile applications, Structure-flex Ltd is well placed to offer a wide variety of custom made products and services designed to match the needs of your business.

Experts in fabricating long life products from heavy-duty flexible reinforced fabrics, we present a portfolio of both commodity and bespoke items across a broad range of industry applications.

Structure-flex supplies and manufactures a range of dry bulk packaging systems from 500kg up to 24 tonnes in capacity. Encompassing both single trip disposable FIBCs as well as heavy duty durable multi-trip thermoplastic bulk bags, PE shaped liners and dry bulk container liner, Structure-flex is able to offer a complete range of dry bulk packaging solutions.

Structure-flex has manufactured the Original Big Bag since 1970. The concept of the bulk bag or super sack is a simple but effective one. Specifically designed and manufactured from reinforced thermoplastic-coated material, the Original Big Bag is the ultimate reusable, multi-trip bulk bag for use in demanding applications and environments.

The Structure-flex Original Big Bag is superior to standard PP (Polypropylene) FIBCs, Tay Sacks or bulk bags because of inherent fabric properties and unique welded construction. The Big Bag can be tailor made with a variety of fabrics, including food grade, oil-resistant and anti-static properties. Every fabric is water resistant. A welded construction provides maximum strength and creates a dust proof, weather proof, contaminant free bulk bag container.

Thermoplastic bulk bags also ensure complete product integrity, particularly suitable for high value chemicals, such as barite and bentonite products used in oil and gas drilling operations. Dry bulk product can be stored for long periods of time if necessary with no risk of UV damage to the bulk bag or water damage to the product.

As with most bulk bag products, the Original Structure-flex Big Bag can be tailor made in a variety or colours, shapes and sizes. A variety of lifting arrangements including straps or lifting rings can be applied and bulk bags can be manufactured to include drawstrings, special closures, skirts, baffles etc all designed to match perfectly to the required filling and discharging equipment.

Thermoplastic long life bulk bags are capable of a great number of trips and can last for many years. This means the Original Big Bag is cost effective on a per trip basis, reduces environmental impact due to a much longer life span and space saving compared with steel containers.

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