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Sun August 18 2019

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The Pavement Group

(518) 218-7676 is an international supplier of machinery, equipment and materials used for maintaining, repairing and constructing roadways and other paved surfaces. Our products are sold both directly and through our US and Internationally based distributors. We also provide a variety of other machinery such as roofing kettles, water trucks, and street flusher trucks.

Asphalt Distributors

Asphalt Plants

Asphalt Recyclers

Crack Sealing Melters

Hot Box Reclaimers

Infrared Heaters

Patch Trucks

Roofing Kettles

Water Trucks & Tanks

Asphalt Equipment: offers a wide variety of new & used pavement maintenance equipment for the professional paving contractor. We also offer municipal buyers complete bid specifications on all products. Call to request a brochure, video, bid specs or to arrange a product demonstration.

Water Trucks & Tanks: Our Steel & stainless water tanks are offered in 1,000-6,000 gallon (3,785-22,712 litres) capacities. Choose from bare tanks, Do-It-Yourself Tanks, Drop-On Tanks or an installed tank system from our East & West Coast facilities. We can install on your chassis or choose from our huge inventory of new and used trucks. Call for a complete list.

USED Paving Equipment: Our used equipment inventory changes daily and not all of our used equipment is posted on our website. Contact us for a complete list.

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