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Fri April 10 2020

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Tinsley Special Products Ltd

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The company whose origins go back to 1993 and now firmly established as Tinsley Special Products Ltd has built a substantial reputation for customised development of vehicle types and specialist trailer manufacture and conversions utilising innovative concepts and employment of dedicated expertise. Such assets have attracted a variety of clients especially where solutions to complex problems in the mobile crane and specialist transportation industry are required. SafetyGARD is a tried and tested range of Fall Prevention,Fall Arrest & Fall Protection systems. All of the systems in our SafetyGARD range effectively put a "boxing ring" of highly tensioned cables around the flatbed ensuring that the Driver is afforded Fall Prevention. Provision of services to such environments are features which have established Tinsley Special Products at the leading edge of a range of services within its core propositions.


At an early stage, Tinsley Special Products will either work with the clients' own development engineers or use in-house specialists to prepare written specifications, design solutions, planning matters, manufacture and fabrication proposals for presentation. Vehicles and trailers are designed to comply with all Construction & Use regulations and Special Types categories thereby making management and transportation easier. Current legislation is advised upon and test certificates issued where these are a requirement.

A highly skilled workforce offers unrivalled expertise and experience of manufacture and assembly for all types of project in carbon steel, stainless steels, aluminium and a variety of other metals. Extensive workshop facilities mean the size and shape of the project is virtually without limit, while sophisticated equipment is available for handling, welding, turning, rolling and cutting of steel and other materials.

The company has a demonstrated capability for light, medium and heavy fabrications, including structural steel work, access platforms, ladders, ducting and plate work. Structural fabrication is carried out in the facilities 20,000 sq ft workshop, equipped with triple 10-tonne Crane capacity, while the site also has a facility for shot blasting and commercial coatings application.

Fall Prevention System

In particular, a significant amount of loading and unloading will take place on construction sites where it is often more difficult to use purpose built gantries and loading docks.SafetyGARD is a fall-restraint system which allows the operators to access and egress the trailer without the need to wear safety harnesses, thus preventing the risk of suspension tauma as a result of wearing one.

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