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Tue October 15 2019

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Trakm8 Limited

01747 858444

Specifically designed for small businesses to help overcome the common costly challenges of running and maintaining a small vehicle fleet, Trakm8prime is an enterprise quality solution offered at a consumer price.

Our analysis of over 2 billion driving miles has enabled us to identify five critical problem areas which negatively impact upon productivity and profitability. Utilising the latest technology, Trakm8prime is an innovative, cost effective solution which analyses driver behaviour, tracks vehicles in real time, identifies unauthorised journeys, diagnoses vehicle faults and seamlessly divides business and private mileage.

Simple to use, easy to install and fully automated, Trakm8prime generates in depth vehicle reporting at the touch of a button and is an essential tool for small businesses running a fleet of vehicles. High tech but low cost, easy to budget for with only one small monthly fee per vehicle and no hidden extras.

Designed, developed, manufactured, supplied and supported in the UK, Trakm8prime is a proud member of the ‘Made in Britain’ marque.

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