Mon January 21 2019

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Tufcoat industrial shrink wrap is a strong and durable plastic film which is heat shrunk to create a 'drum tight' and tear resistant covering that protects products during road transport and storage.

Tufcoat manufactures a range of films up to 14m wide to ensure that even the largest product can be covered in a single sheet.

Because Tufcoat shrinks tight it overcomes a key problem with conventional covers such as tarpaulins which tend to flap and detach in high winds, because Tufcoat is a 'use once and recycle' product it eliminates the problem of maintaining and returning re-usable covers.

Despite being a high performance product, Tufcoat is a cost effective solution. In addition, because sheets of Tufcoat may be joined together by heat welding, there is no limit to the size or shape of product that can be covered.

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