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Sat March 02 2024

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A road to zero waste

If the government admits that the construction industry recycles 90% of its waste materials, why has it bothered to publish a plan to radically overhaul this backed up by a threat of legal obligations? Mark Smulian reports

Total transparency

An augmented reality system currently under trial could transform the safety and efficiency of utilities and streetworks projects. David Taylor reports

Grow your own

A building made entirely from Scottish trees is helping prove that UK homes shouldn’t need to rely on imported timber. Lisa Russell reports on the benefits of using home-grown products

From muck to materials

She’s at it again…Heriot-Watt University’s Professor Madero is leading a new quest to find profitable, sustainable uses for construction waste. David Taylor reports

Nothing ventured... nothing gained

Cemex is a name usually associated with the production of distinctly low-tech building materials. But, through its own venture capital subsidiary, the company also has a finger in the future technology pie. Margo Cole reports