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Thu November 30 2023

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The Tope eluded us!

31 Jul 09


As days at sea go, this was a good one! Winds just 2-3 so nothing too much to worry about. 

On the Monday the 27th July, The Construction Index took a number of clients out sea fishing for the day, in the first of what now appears, to be several planned trips for this year.

After steaming to our location for the day, the anchor was set and fishing began. Mike Ferguson from Autec Construction Training was first to strike with a string on Mackerel, closely followed by one the Account Manager for The Construction Index. 


The Best fish at the day was caught in the final stages of what must have been a very challenging day for Managing Director, Ray Smith from RSP Safety Services, his perseverance was finally rewarded by landing a lovely Sea Bass, much to the envy of Paul Buist, Managing Director of The Construction Index.

Peter Mear, Replas Concrete Repair Ltd, quite simply seemed to be able to pick just the right moment to drop this line into the water, casting just a few times over the day, returning fish with every go... 

Mike Ferguson from Autec Construction Training was on the over winner on the day, catching the most fish on the day.

The lack of “Tope” on this trip was disappointing. We are all looking forward to the next trip, on the 10th of August and then again on the 23rd of August. Both trips are fully booked.

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