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Sat March 23 2019

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Autodesk launches tool that digs into site data

1 Mar Autodesk is rolling out a tool aimed at improving quality and safety on site by giving contractors insights into the wealth of data that is captured but currently ignored.

It is opening up access to its BIM 360 software's new Construction IQ risk analysis capability, which has been under development and pilot testing over the last three years. Construction IQ is designed to simplify project oversight by analysing data to identify issue such as high-risk subcontracts or delays that need immediate attention.

Autodesk says that a wealth of data that no one uses is a common problem for the construction and engineering industries, where 95% of all data captured isn’t acted upon, according to studies.

BAM Ireland – which has been piloting Construction IQ - has achieved a 20% reduction in quality and safety issues. The company has seen improved oversight across multiple complex projects with no extra effort. Through the BIM 360 construction management platform, BAM was able to break down traditional construction data silos to identify and understand high risk items using machine learning. “We saw a 20% reduction in quality and safety issues on projects,” said Michael Murphy, digital construction operations manager, BAM Ireland. “Consequently, our staff was able to spend 25% more time focusing on the high-risk issues for both quality and safety.”

 “With construction projects growing in complexity, teams are constantly challenged to find ways to minimise risk to people and projects, as well as to improve quality,” it said. “Industry-wide digitization and growing use of mobile devices on jobsites means we’re generating unprecedented amounts of data, but the question remains: what do we do with it?”

The new capabilities in its Autodesk BIM 360 construction management platform are intended to provide relevant and actionable data insights to project teams in the field.

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Construction IQ is a machine-learning and AI-based capability that analyses the quality and safety data of a customer’s projects using BIM 360, said Autodesk.

Autodesk said that Construction IQ models have learned from over 150 million construction issues and checklist observations across nearly 30,000 real projects. It sifts through data points from issues, observations, checklists, subcontractor assignments, related metadata and historical data to help analyse, identify and prioritise risk factors each day. It also provides broad insights into companywide performance across projects, according to the company.

Over the last three years, Construction IQ (previously piloted as Project IQ) models have learned from over 150 million construction issues and checklist observations across nearly 30,000 real projects to develop its algorithms, which analyse quality and safety risk, said Autodesk.

Construction IQ is now available as a free preview release to current BIM 360 Build subscription customers.  


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