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Tue June 25 2024

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Bouygues and CSTB to study building lifecycles

13 Oct 11 Bouygues Construction has stepped up its partnership with France's Scientific & Technical Centre for Building (CSTB), announcing a new joint initiative.

The partnership was originally launched two years ago. As of 2012, Bouygues will take part in a public research project on the analysis of the lifecycles of buildings, directed by CSTB. The project, known as Benefis, is intended to improve the performance of existing building lifecycle management methodologies and software programs.

Benefis has been awarded funding for a period of three years by the French National Research Agency (ANR).

The collaborative project will also enable the group to work with other players, including the organisations Armines and Maisons de Qualité and the company Izuba.

Under the framework, Bouygues Construction and CSTB will strengthen their cooperation on the Elodie software package, which can be used to assess the environmental performance of a building throughout its lifecycle. The partners' joint work has already resulted in the software being brought more into line with needs in the field.

Bouygues construction sees the topic of building lifecycle analysis as vitally important for its work as it is carrying out increasing numbers of design, build and facilities management operations. “Building lifecycle analysis represents the only way of assessing the global environmental cost of the heritage that we will leave behind for future generations,” according to Bouygues.

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