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Sat June 15 2024

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BouyguesConstruction delivers 53 works and maintenance centres to the French Department of Transport Infrastructures

19 Sep 11 On 14 September 2011, Bouygues Construction, operating through the company Eirenea(1), handed over the first 53 works and maintenance centres to the French Department of Transport Infrastructures (DIT), which is part of the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing. Eirenea will now be responsible for maintaining and managing them for 28 years.

The public-private partnership contract signed with the DIT in January 2010 was worth a total of 355 million euros (155 million euros for the works and 180 million euros for operation and maintenance). In all, it covers 63 centres intended for the personnel and equipment necessary for managing and maintaining the country's network of publiclymanaged roads. Under the terms of the contract, the remaining ten centres will be handed over no later than the end of the first quarter of 2012.

All the centres have obtained the BBC-Effinergie low-energy label, and have photovoltaic panels, a rainwater recovery system, a supply-and-extract ventilation system that will generate major savings on heating, and a self-regulating artificial lighting system controlled by natural light levels. They will provide work for roughly 2,000 people, many of them from local businesses. Particular attention was given at the design phase to the safety of the people who will work in the centres (separation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, plant washing stations, etc.) and to their well-being (comfort, furniture, etc.).

Carried out in the record time of 20 months (including all phases of applying for and obtaining planning permission), the project occupied more than 1,500 people throughout France. Exceptional organisation was required in order to conduct the works simultaneously in 63 towns and cities spread over 47 departments and 21 regions (see map overleaf).

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