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Wed May 29 2024

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BRE increases research funding

31 Jul 12 BRE, or what used to be the Building Research Establishment, has reported increased profits, allowing it to make further increases in research funding.

At the BRE Trust annual general meeting yesterday, chairman Sir Neville Simms disclosed that the net profit of the BRE Group – comprising BRE, BRE Global and FBE Management – increased to £4.58m in 2011/12 on a turnover of £48.9m.

The trust’s spending on built environment research and education projects rose to more than £3.17m, compared with £2.93m in 2010/11.

“I am delighted to announce that a strong performance by the trust’s subsidiary companies has allowed us to once again increase the level of funding for built environment research and education,” he said. “This is despite the continuing challenges of a very difficult financial environment, and is testament to the expertise and dedication of those working in the BRE Group.”

He added: “Despite the difficult economic environment, the BRE Trust has been able to increase its support for research and education throughout 2011/12 and plans to continue building on this success during 2012/13.”

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