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Thu May 30 2024

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Brick producer sets up BIM website

8 Nov 12 Michelmersh Brick Holdings has set up a website supplying building information modelling (BIM) data for its products.

MBH claims to be the only brick manufacturer to have responded so far to the requirements of BIM.

The government has said that it will require collaborative 3D on all of its projects woth more than £5m by 2016.

BIM involves the generation and management of a digital representation of both the physical and functional characteristics of a facility, enabling a virtual information model to be passed down from the design team to the contractors and then on to the owner or operator, creating a single shared model.

The MBH website - - provides the BIM data for all MBH products in formats whthatich suit the various software packages that are available for BIM.

MBH director Frank Hanna said: "As the first and only brick manufacturer in the UK to have an operational BIM specification data base we are proud to be leading the way in our sector. This only serves to enhance our position as 'Britain's Brick Specialists' and win further brick specification work as a result."

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