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Mon May 17 2021

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Canada puts $3.5bn bridge project on hold

7 Sep 17 The Canadian province of British Columbia has cancelled the current procurement process for a CA$3.5bn (£2.2bn) bridge pending a review of the project.

The Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure is recruiting someone to lead an independent technical review of the corridor currently served by the George Massey Tunnel. It will focus on what level of improvement is needed as well as which option would be best for the corridor, be it the proposed 10-lane bridge, a smaller bridge or a tunnel.

Pending the outcome of the review, the current procurement process has been cancelled and the project will not be budgeted for in the government’s capital plan until a solution has been identified. The terms of the request for proposals dictate that each of the two final bidding teams will be paid up to CA$2m to help offset their expenses to date. Three teams had been shortlisted last year (link opens in new tab).

The province’s work on the project, up to this point, will be looked at closely as part of the independent reviewas well as new analysis that includes looking at how the removal of tolls will affect the crossing.

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Based on the recommendations received, the Province will determine next steps to address the congestion along the Highway 99 corridor.

The province has spent approximately CA$66m on the estimated CA$3.5bn project. BC Hydro has spent approximately CA$25m on its transmission relocation project. Work completed to date is expected to be used regardless of which option is chosen. Property has been acquired, pre-load construction work along the Highway 99 corridor is wrapping up, and technical work and analysis will be considered as government moves forward.

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